Global Warming

Global Warming: An Overview

Use this link to open a page from the old MindTools site, which contains a slideshow that requires Flash to run on your browser.

As of November 2018, the link has been tested on the following browsers with the following results:

Microsoft Edge: Works sometimes

Firefox: Page will open, but you may need to click on “Run Adobe Flash” and then “Do you want to allow Adobe Flash to run on this site?”  There are no known safety or privacy issues with the MindTools site.

Chrome: Appears to work at times. Sometimes asks you to update Adobe Flash but then still does not work. Be careful. The Adobe Flash “update” may try to install additional software. Do not use an update site that prompts you to install additional software.

NOTE: The slideshow is interactive:

(1) It contains an icon that allows you to view commentary on each slide;

(2) There are several links to other sites;

(3) There is a link to a short video featuring Bjorn Lomborg, one of the best-known speakers on the topic of global warming;

(4) The slideshow also contains very short quizzes, which you can skip.

Study this information carefully. Expect to spend at least 20-30 minutes reviewing the show. The information here is a little dated, but I believe it is still essentially accurate in describing the two basic viewpoints currently being used in discussions about global warming.