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Basic Global Business Ethics in 20 Minutes

Basic Global Business Ethics in 20 Minutes

Note: This is a very academic approach. Users who want quick and easy answers will be disappointed. It usually takes several weeks of undergraduate training and reading for students to be able to use the principles described here effectively. Please provide a comment if you would like to see more materials added. There are 10 slides with an audio commentary for each.

Overview of Business Ethics

Definition of Business Ethics

Immanuel Kant Overview


Virtue Theory and Aristotle

Ross and Prima Facie Duties

Summary of Duties in Business Ethics

Example of Plant Closing

Example - Ford Pinto Case

Summary of Business Ethics

Created on December 22, 2018



The Moral Responsibilities of Multinational Corporations

Use this link to take you to a YouTube video on the moral responsibilities of multinational corporations.

This presentation is academic in nature, using a style that is appropriate for a college classroom. Business majors, students working on an MBA, and persons involved in direct sales in international trade will benefit from exposure to the ideas, laws, and principles discussed here. The video is about 20 minutes.