Basic Business Ethics in 20 Minutes

Slide about Immanuel Kant

Use this link to take you to a page on the old MindTools site. The old page contains a short slide show, which requires Flash to run on your browser. You may need to enable Flash on your browser or switch to the FireFox Browser. Note that there is an audio commentary on each slide that can be activated by clicking on the “S” in the lower left corner of each slide.

Alternately, go to this slideshow on and download the file.

This is a very academic approach. Users who want quick and easy answers will be disappointed. It usually takes several weeks of undergraduate training and reading for students to be able to use the principles described here effectively. Please provide a comment if you would like to see more materials added.

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Anthony Birch, Ph.D. has taught Business Ethics, Introduction to Ethics, Contemporary Ethics, and Introduction to Philosophy at a number of colleges and universities. He is the co-author of How to Ace Your Online Course, available at Amazon.

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