Global Warming: An Overview

Predicted vs. Observed temperatures
Predicted vs. Observed Temperatures - Akasofu, 2009.

Use this link to open a page from the old MindTools site, which contains a slideshow, which requires Flash to run on your browser. You may need to enable Flash on your browser or switch to the FireFox Browser.

The slideshow is interactive: (1) it contains an icon that allows you to view commentary on each slide; (2) there are several links to other sites; and (3) there is a link to a short video featuring Bjorn Lomborg, one of the best-known speakers on the topic of global warming. The slideshow also contains very short quizzes, which you can skip. Study this information carefully. Expect to spend at least 20-30 minutes reviewing the show. The information here is a little dated, but I believe it is still essentially accurate in describing the two basic viewpoints currently being used in discussions about global warming.

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