• Globalization I

    Definition of Globalization


    Impressions of Globalization


    Causes of Globalization


    Global Profiles of Major Corporations


    Unequal Economic Development


    Culture Wars


    Global, Moral, Religious and Political Values


    World Government


    Current Governing Institutions

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To Do

Note: moving tasks between the TodoList and Done can be done only by Tony. Radu moves things to Done? when he thinks they're solved. If they are, Tony moves them (Cut/Paste) to Done. If Done things turn up to have more to do, Tony moves them up in the ToDoList :)


  • check ftp site for new files

For the Globalization site:

  • Talk to me about how to handle missing pages in page tracking - with Google Analytics or other page tracking tools. Radu February 05, 2009, at 12:36 PM
    • Hmm...I don't understand. What missing pages?
  • Fix template; better code it from scratch, since there are too many problems with this ine. Never again will I use the Lean skin for a project!!! It turns out that you were right and Gemini is much better. Radu December 22, 2008, at 07:18 AM
    • Not to worry too much about the skin. I like the way this one looks. Other issues may pop up, and I would like to see if I can draw in some visitors. Tony December 22, 2008, at 07:50 AM


  • Low priority: fix changing width of sidebar. Almost each module has a different width using firefox, latest release. If this is a "deep code" PM problem, not to worry about it. Tony December 20, 2008, at 08:31 AM
    • That is caused by content. You have some large images which squeeze the sidebar more on some pages than on others. If it's a real problem, we have to discuss a solution, but the most obvious one is to have no images wider than 560px Radu January 14, 2009, at 11:09 AM
  • Add an html dump (Publish) button next to the Edit link at the bottom of pages, to transform wiki pages into ststic html
    • done, but we need to discuss some things:
      • in which directory do we publish? right now I used
      • what so we use to search the site (or do we keep the search box at all?)
      • do you want a print version of each page? (see the print link at the top of each page next to search)
        • Print is good if you can do it easily


  • add FreeFinder bar to published files instead of the wiki search
    • replaced this with GoogleSearch
  • Work on left navigation bar (show class modules)
    • Maybe all modlues should be shown on left
      • DONE - at least in BETA-- make bigger spaces between numbers (Radu: is it better now?)
        • Yes, better. Good enough for now
  • Figure out how questions and quizzes will interface with main pages
    • DONE - go with horizontal, no new windows arrangement
  • Fix navigation for each module. Forward/Back no longer seems to work. Tony November 26, 2008, at 02:15 PM
    • Keep as list Radu December 02, 2008, at 07:26 PM
  • Find way to make new windows open smaller
    • Not needed right now, but still wanted
    • Again, what does this mean? You used to pop up windows with JS code like: ('globalization def quiz-n-ans.html', 'newwindow',
 config='height=400, width=650, left=150, top=150, toolbar=no,
 menubar=no, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, location=yes,
 directories=no, status=no');

right? So to make the window smaller, play with the values for the width and height :)

  • Hmm. Yes. Will look at that.
  • Limit the side bar menu to just G101, 2 course descriptions, and a link for getting back to Remove films links and other links. First use: just the G101 course to see how it goes. We may need to talk about this. Tony November 26, 2008, at 05:57 AM
    • Not a good idea. The sidebar has to be consistent on a site - it was one of the main reasons why I didn't like your use of moodle - it makes the site look like it's cobbled up from different projects - which it is :) Better to leave the links and just point them to external links - the pages as/where they are right now.
      • OK. Intially, then, this will be a separate set of pages with links back to existing main page
  • Put in a new StatCounter code for these pages. The current one works, but adds data from these pages to my other pages. I need to give you the code. Will send by gmail.
    • Done Radu December 10, 2008, at 07:44 PM
  • Settle on way to do interface with "questions" vs. "quizzes." Maybe have both. These pages are used by schools all over the world. I think they like the quizzes. My counters indicate that quizzes are among the most popular "pages." Need to think about this.
    • OK. I have reviewed this with Andie. She likes the "pop-up" quiz model, which does not require any development. Also, these can have the statcounter code. But don't throw out the "local model" yet. I like that too. It looks good and I see you have something in mind there. I may make up more questions for each model in the "Quiz" mode. Some modules will have the "questions" (already in module), their answers, and a separate quiz question.
    • I can add code to pop up quizzes using the js you already have, but by building the questions in wiki code. Let me work on that a bit Radu November 25, 2008, at 07:54 PM
  • add code to template \\("Cookbook:EnableHTML recipe to enable the use of HTML markup directly in pages" is a possible security vulnerability so I will not add it Radu November 25, 2008, at 01:19 PM)
    • Hmm...yes, but if only I or you can add such code where is the problem. StatCounter is a great thing!
    • So let's put it in the template or if you want it only on a few pages, I can make a markup directive for it, like (:statcounter:) that would include the statcounter code Radu December 01, 2008, at 09:14 PM
  • translate requests to shtml pages to corresponding wiki pages
    • Done? Radu November 25, 2008, at 07:51 PM
      • It's done for now. See Definition. You can use the same directive on other pages where you have quizzes
  • For Radu - help Tony put in right code for quizzes that will not pop up an answer page with user selects correct answer. Instead, "That is CORRECT!" Will pop up.
    • It's already there. Just use e.g. (:quizform A:). See the first quiz on UnequalQuiz. The complete syntax for that directive is (:quizform answer PageIfCorrect PageIfWrong:); if either page name is missing, a text message pops up. All that is part of the code you were already using on your site. Radu December 13, 2008, at 08:20 PM
  • Why does header (Mindtools) appear too narrow sometimes?
    • Please give me examples of pages where this happens --Radu November 25, 2008, at 11:18 AM
      • T. I see that this problem seems to have been fixed. Will check more.
      • NOT FIXED! See Culture Wars Answers
      • Yes fixed! Just leave that course module list on page G101 as a list and the navigation will be fine :) Radu December 01, 2008, at 09:19 PM
      • BTW, if you don't want the answer pages to appear in the trail, keep them as part of the module paragraph, like this (edit to see how it's done):
  1. module1
    mod1 answers
  2. module2
    mod2 answers...etc
    • OK on above. Need to think about how Quizes/Answers/Modules will be in trail. Probably your idea of leaving answers out of trail is good. MODULE 9 GlobCourse.CurrentGov STILL HAS NARROW HEADER. Tony December 02, 2008, at 07:19 PM
  • Low priority: Can there be sounds for the quizzes (correct or incorrect answer sound) using Firefox? IE makes sounds.
    • IE makes sounds when it opens alert boxes in general, and it's the same sound for correct and wrong; if you want to control how those boxes open, and add similar sounds on all platforms, you'll have to wait for Monade :) Radu December 22, 2008, at 07:13 AM
  • Tony: review texts in all modules and remove all references to "post to the discussion" -- Skip the discussion board for now
    • if this is for me, let me know what it means :) Radu December 09, 2008, at 02:45 PM
      • Tony is still reviewing all texts for this Tony December 13, 2008, at 12:49 PM
  • For Tony - "rationalize" modules for approximate similarity in format, etc. Does not have to be perfect. Just good enough to "publish" first draft on my site. Add a few more quizzes. Tony December 13, 2008, at 12:49 PM
  • Low priority: Add editing tool icon for Insert Graphic? tony
    • It's there. The Attach button that looks like a paper clip. Radu
  • Urgent: make sure that no directories on your server have 777 permissions
    • None appear to be in important (course) areas, but there are some in a Bulletin Board program I installed quite some time ago. It is at: The instructions have some stuff about setting up permissions. May need to talk about this. If this is generally a "safe" program, but just needs some correct settings, I would like to know. Tony January 01, 2009, at 08:56 AM
      • oops, missed this one :) If you have installed the bb in or before 2004, you DEFINITELY need to upgrade it. Otherwise, the upgrade is a good idea, but optional. Check out Radu January 14, 2009, at 11:09 AM
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