• Globalization I

    Definition of Globalization


    Impressions of Globalization


    Causes of Globalization


    Global Profiles of Major Corporations


    Unequal Economic Development


    Culture Wars


    Global, Moral, Religious and Political Values


    World Government


    Current Governing Institutions

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Welcome to the free online courses at

Groups: If you would like to be a member of a group, send an email to tbirch at I would like a group of about 8 people from 3 different countries to test the course.

Available Courses

Introduction to Globalization

Administrator: Anthony Birch

Globalization is the process of integrating national economies, political structures, and cultures into a single, world-wide, interdependent system.

Introduction to Globalization is designed for students, teachers, and people in business. It uses small, easily comprehended modules that are designed to fit into your workday schedule.

Modules involve exercises, questions, projects, data gathering, chart making, research, readings, and links to other sites. Modules take only 15-30 minutes to complete.

This self-paced course examines both sides of the Globalization debate.

The course includes:

  • 9 learning modules
  • 20 short question/answer exercises
  • Links to online resources and databases
  • Continuous student self-assessment using question/answer exercises

Upon completion of the course, the student will be conversant with the basics of the debate on Globalization. The student will learn the following:

  • The defintion of globalization
  • The implications of diversity in moral and political systems
  • Ways in which the world is both unified and divided
  • Why critics argue that global economic expansion creates poverty in many countries
  • Why the U.N., WTO, and IMF are controversial
  • In addition to factual knowledge in the areas listed above, the student will learn researching, communication, and thinking skills.

Get a 70% or more on the quiz at the end and you pass this portion of the course. You are on your way to becoming a Global Citizen!

Under Development

Understanding Globalization

Administrator: Anthony Birch

Continuation of the Introductory Course. Greater depth analysis of economic, cultural, and political aspects of Globalization. Exams for each section supplied on request. Completed version available using Moodle interface available at main site

Copyrights 101

Administrator: Anthony Birch

Every day, thousands of teachers in the U.S. violate (unknowingly) U.S. copyright laws -- as do millions of Internet users (accidentally -- or on purpose). But are users at fault -- or is the law itself defective? Intellectual property rights have important international consequences. Approximately 5% the U.S. GDP involves copyright protected products (film, software distribution, etc.). But many argue that existing law creates unneccessary barriers to access to information for developing countries. In this course, you will not only learn the foundations of intellectual property law and how to apply it to education and business, but also why so many find these laws so problematic.

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