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Globalization: Impressions

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Globalization: Impressions

In this module you will learn:

  • How to search for information about Globalization
  • How Globalization affects you or your business

Now that you know the definition of Globalization -- as it will be used in this course -- think about how it has been mentioned in news stories. You will want to be able to apply the definition of Globalization to your own circumstances. How does Globalization affect you? Your business? Is it your impression that Globalization is a positive force, or is it a negative force?

To help answer these questions, it is useful to gather information and articles using online search tools.

When searching, bear the following in mind:

  1. You can easily find news and information online, but the best information is often "hidden." For example, your local public or school library will have databases of journals and electronic books that deal with Globalization. These, in turn, may refer to online resources that are not easily found using search engines.
  2. Specialized academic search engines such as, allow you to find authors, books, journals, and papers relevant to your area of interest. Although you may not be able to read these materials directly online, finding an author's name may enable you to locate resources at personal web pages hosted by the author (typically at a university site).
  3. As a general rule, beware of single-viewpoint websites. Often ".org sites" are set up to promote extreme political agendas. Beware of the "facts" reported by these sites. Double check the facts by looking at websites dedicated to the opposite view, or sites that have a more neutral, educational vision.
  4. When you search, use a variety of search engines and a variety of terms. Google, Yahoo, and AlltheWeb search engines will provide different results.
  5. Search for combinations of terms that are of particular interest to your country, business, or personal life. Example search terms: "globalization lithuania," "global meat packing india," "globalization tattoos."
  6. Have you found something that helps you understand how globalization affects you or your business? Have you come to a better understanding of how globalization can be understood as either a positive or a negative force in some situations?


Find at least one interesting story, article, or website that reflects what you think is an important aspect of Globalization. Send a link for the item you find to Useful links will be used to construct a list of links and research materials for use by everyone. These materials will be incorporated into this module. Your chance to contribute!

Contributed Links:

Paper from World Development: "The Globalization of Organic Agro-Food Networks"

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