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Causes of Globalization

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Causes of Globalization

This module is under construction.....

In this module you will learn

  • A way to understand Globalization as an aspect of wider forms of evolution
  • Some of the economic, political, and social factors that have accelerated Globalization
  • The historical context of economic Globalization
  • How to develop tables using an online database that measures many factors relevant to Globalization


The Short Answer -- A Point of View

What are the causes of Globalization? There is really only one: Spiritual Evolution. Globalization is just the current phase in an historical movement that began before the dawn of written history: humanity has exerted greater control over its own destiny by expanding the sphere of its moral vision and arena of its actions: individual, family, tribe, clan, nation, region, globe. At the same time that the scope of its concern for general well being has expanded, humanity has also increased the range of individual moral and political freedoms. Increased individual freedoms, and the consequent search for individual identity often creates tension with forces that seek to unify groups of individuals and consolidate tribes, nations, cultures, and regions. Contemporary globalization is an evolutionary process similar to the long process and painful process of building nations that began in Europe about 1600. As nations were built, spiritual, psychological, economic, religious, and cultural upheavals often ensued. As globalization continues, we can expect similar upheavals, confusion, and uncertainty, but we can also expect great opportunities for expanding the spiritual horizon.

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