The story is that even the actors had to see this film backwards before it made sense. The rumor is that it does -- or is this just a ploy to enhance video sales? Some viewers argue that the answer is that there is no answer -- the beauty of the film is that admits of multiple interpretations. If so, then, in my view, the film fails because the theme is truth and there must be some treatment of this theme other than a convenient and sophomoric copout. If you have seen the film, check this out (this is the way I remember the film, but of course I might be mistaken!): At the end of the film (the beginning of the story) the license plate number that the hero writes down is miscopied by the tatoo artist (a one is converted to an "i"). As a result, the hero mistakes the identity of his nemesis. If this is right, then the entire narrative makes some sense in that (if a few other elements are accepted as "true") it maintains cosmic justice. Contact us if you know whether or not this copying mistake is made in the movie.